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What makes European big game hunting so magnificent? Is it centuries of tradition and history? Or that custom and ritual are still as important as the hunt? Travel two hours south of Madrid to "Fernando Saiz – Spain" and you'll find out. Join Fernando Saiz at his venerable family compound (where striking Spanish architecture abounds throughout a property that is beautifully furnished and perfectly decorated to reflect the history of such a special place) and experience some of the most varied hunting you’ll find anywhere in Europe.

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Pinos Altos, Spain
Game: See Description
A Plethora of Trophies
Join the Saiz family at Pinos Altos and hunt Spanish Red Deer, Mouflon Sheep, or wild boar. Or create your own itinerary to hunt the rest of this beautiful country. The chart below details all the options. Just remember wherever and whatever you choose to hunt the experience will not be easily forgotten.

Pinos AltosOther Locations
Spanish Red Deer
Mouflon Sheep
Wild Boar
Beceite Ibex
Gredos Ibex
Rhonda Ibex
Southeastern Ibex
  Pyrenean Chamois
Cantabrian Chamois
Barbary Sheep
Roe Deer
  • The history and tradition of European big game hunting
  • Hunt all four species of Ibex
  • Varied Selection of European big game
  • Charm and character of old Spain
  • 14 bedrooms
  • Exceptional food and wine

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