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Is Guayascate a small luxury hotel and spa that happens to offer eared dove shooting, or an exceptional dove-hunting lodge with luxury accommodations? That’s hard to answer. After an exhaustive search, the lodge was situated "on top of the birds" in the Churqui roost, providing first-class shooting just minutes away. However what truly distinguishes Guayascate are the accommodations. Purpose built and opened in October 2010, no expense was spared to build and furnish this remarkable property. But before you get too enthralled with the lodge, remember why you came. The shooting is the best it gets in Cordoba.

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Cordoba, Argentina
Game: Dove
Attention to detail
Luxury accommodations mean little without outstanding service and attention to detail. Here's one example of how they do it at Guayascate. When shooting dove a gun takes a tremendous pounding. At the end of every day the staff 'gunsmith' completely strips, cleans and checks every gun. Not quickly cleaned. Not field stripped. Trigger assemblies are removed and inspected; all springs are checked and cleaned. There's no question it will perform tomorrow. It's attention to this kind of detail that helps make Guayascate unique in Cordoba.
  • 18,000 sq.ft. of luxury accommodations
  • Part of the Churqui roost
  • 10 rooms with balcony or private patio
  • The very best of Argentine food and wine
  • Spa with massage therapy facility
  • Heated indoor and outdoor Jacuzzis
  • Weight room

A Beretta Trident Venue represents the best of the best, with only 5% of destinations worldwide considered good enough to merit a Trident rating.

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