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Just 15-minutes from the largest and most well known roost in Cordoba, Sierra Brava is “hands-down the best bang-for-the-buck dove hunting lodge in Argentina.” High-volume doves, first-class accommodation, legendary service and reasonable rates make Sierra Brava hard to beat. But in the end the main reason everybody raves about the lodge is the cozy and friendly atmosphere. Come to Sierra Brava and you will always feel like you have a home in Argentina. And why not have your second home near the best dove hunting in the world - Cordoba.

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Cordoba, Argentina
Game: Dove
Legendary Service, Great Value
Managing a buttoned down, seamless operation is a hallmark of the staff at Sierra Brava. The hunting areas and blinds are always neat and tidy (no small feat when you’re shooting 1,000’s of birds a day). The field lunch is every bit as good as dinner, which is always exceptional, thanks to a chef who cooks with only the best local food, paired with fine Argentine wines. Attention to detail and perfect execution is all managed in a very relaxed way. You’ll always remember the staff, shooting and service at Sierra Brava as among the best in Cordoba.
  • 15-minutes from largest roost in Cordoba
  • Record-setting Dove shooting
  • Tackle challenging high birds
  • Shoot on more than 160,000 acres
  • Reasonable rates, exceptional group discounts
  • Extremely efficient yet relaxed staff
  • Your home away from home

A Beretta Trident Venue represents the best of the best, with only 5% of destinations worldwide considered good enough to merit a Trident rating.

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